What are the different types of stool textures? Types 3 and 4 are ideal as stools should be soft and easy to pass. Types 1 and 2 may indicate constipation (a high fibre diet may help soften your stool). Types 5 and 7 may indicate diarrhoea and urgency (please see your doctor if your stools are falling into this abnormal range).
How often should I open my bowels?
Should my stools smell?
What if my stool colour looks is discoloured?
When should I worry?

Please read on to find the answer to these common questions....


Normal- Several times a day to several times a week

Abnormal- Any sudden change in bowel habits



Normal- Soft, sausage shaped

Abnormal- Hard, dry, pebble-like or difficult/painful to pass (constipation) or watery  and unformed (diarrhoea)



Normal- Brown although foods such as beetroot can impact on stool colour

Abnormal- Very dark/black or very light grey/brown


Normal- Smelly stools are normal due to large intestine bacteria

Abnormal- Unusually strong or putrid smelling stools


Normal- Some wind/gas

Abnormal- Excessive wind/gas


Other  Red Flags

Blood in the stool

Bowel motions at night

Severe/ongoing diarrhoea

Sudden changes in bowel habits