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Genetic testing with Nutrigenomix allows for personalised nutrition. Of importance,this form of genetic testing is purely based on scientific evidence and can only be used by health professionals.

Nutrigenomix offers the following 70-gene tests:

1.The Health Test which is targeted for individuals who are pursuing general health and well being.

2.The Sport Test may help to provide nutrition and performance advice for individuals and athletes to boost both mental and physical performance.

3.The Fertility Test is designed to provide nutrition recommendations for both male and female clients who are trying to conceive.

4.The Plant-Based Test may help to achieve prime health for individuals following either a vegetarian or vegan eating regime.

*Client 70-gene Test (health, sport, fertility and plant-based) + printed report- $425

*Client 77-gene Test including Hormone Metabolism & Methylation panel- $480
This additional panel analyzes genes encoding enzymes involved in the production of androgens and estrogens,estrogen metabolism and elimination, and DNA methylation. 

Additions (to either the 70-gene or 77-gene tests):
*Skin Health Test + printed report- $290
*Pharmacogenetics Test (PDF only)- $398
Please note, a Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Testing Consent Form will need to be completed prior to completing this specific test. This test is a predictor of drug effectiveness and can be used as a tool to guide medication use for healthcare providers.

Please note, clients will need to book a review appointment to discuss results and findings of the gene test. This will be charged as an initial dietitian consultation and will take approximately 45 minutes.

Book an appointment to learn more about how a qualified dietitian can help you with genetic testing.

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