Weight Management including Weight Loss Surgery

The benefits of healthy weight

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis and certain cancers. Thus, it is critical that you are proactive in addressing your increased weight before these chronic conditions develop.

Symptoms of excess weight include back and joint pain, sleep apnoea, snoring, excess sweating, infertility, gallstones and reflux. Other symptoms include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, breathlessness, fatigue and/or lethargy. Hence, side effects are varied as numerous sites of the human body are targeted.

Do I need surgery?

According to the Dietitian's Australia Centre for Advanced Learning (Clinical Dietetics For Bariatric Surgery, 2020), the ‘obesity system’ (which analyses the causes of obesity) has recognised 108 factors and 304 causal links to obesity. These include media, social, psychological, economic, food, activity, infrastructure, developmental, biological and medical domains. Weight loss is therefore a complex issue that requires a holistic approach. Interestingly, a 15% weight loss changes the levels of eight appetite modulating hormones!

Weight loss surgery should only be considered after trying all other alternatives. There are many factors that affect the type of weight loss surgery chosen by your surgeon, as a thorough assessment is needed to assess your options.

How can I help?
I will be providing you with the motivation to improve your lifestyle and build healthy habits. I will be conducting a dietary assessment to help identify any deficiencies and work towards meeting current nutrient guidelines. Following this, we can work together to tailor an individualised calorie counting meal plan based on your food preferences. Label reading sessions will also help you when choosing ideal snacks and meals, including eating out. Sessions will contain both theory and practical tasks to aid in your understanding and ensure concepts are applied to your everyday life.

With my current experience in weight loss surgery in a hospital setting, I am very confident in the pre-surgery preparation as well as the fluid diet, puree diet, soft diet and transition to normal eating post-surgery. I have also completed a Clinical Dietetics for Bariatric Surgery course to better equip me for the management of your nutritional needs pre and post surgery.
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