Now that the kids have settled into the school term, let's talk about what to pack in their lunchboxes.

Recess (aim for wholegrain and low-fat dairy options):

Light milk(unflavoured preferred)  

Cheese slice and crackers (e.g. Vita-Weat)

Custard pouch

Yoghurt pouch/tub

Fresh fruit e.g. apple, pear or banana

Dried fruit snack pack

Vegetable sticks and hummus

SPC Crush Ups/Diced fruit (natural juice)

Wholegrain rice crackers and avocado

Grain waves

Raisin slice with pure fruit jam

Muesli bar e.g. Uncle Tobys Chewy

Homemade oat/muesli slice

Corn on the cob

Water is best as there is no need to give juice on a regular basis.

An insulated lunchbox and/or ice pack are preferred, especially in the heat.

Lunch Options:  

1. Wholegrain sandwich or wrap with salad vegetables plus a protein option:

·        Grilled chicken                                                

·        Tuna

·        Baked beans

·        Scrambled or boiled eggs

·        Roast beef

·        Lean ham, turkey and chicken (limit high fat options e.g. salami or mortadella)

2. Salads with vegetable options as your child desires (e.g. carrot, cucumber, lettuce and tomato) and a non-creamy dressing (e.g. lemon, soy sauce or balsamic) plus one or more of:

·        Lean protein (as per sandwich options)

·        Canned legumes e.g. chickpeas  

·        Pasta

·        Quinoa/ couscous

·        Noodles

·        Corn/ sweet potato

·        Homemade dip e.g. beetroot, avocado, hummus or eggplant

Keep in mind, children’s salads only need a few ingredients to start off with!

Cut-up sushi rolls (with cooked meats), rice paper rolls and soups (eaten from a thermos) make other great lunch options.